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Thursday, 30 August 2012

My experience at Reading Festival

Reading festival was amazing! (So amazing that I actually couldn't walk after the first sleep back) And it was one of the best experiences I ever had.

The place was filled with tech! From getting in to the festival, to watching acts.

So getting in was a mission. Me and my friends kinda wimped out of the walk and took the 5 minute bus journey to the site, then we got off and actually didn't have to wait that long! And instead of ripping the tickets, a UV light was used to verify them. Then we walked to our camp site (Where our friend greeted us and set up the tent whilst we went and sorted out other things)
Oh, by the way...we got a tonne of free relentless when we went in!

Then on the friday, we visited the main stage. The lights were very high quality! The first act we watched were Bombay Bicycle Club who were amazing! The mosh pit at the end was extremely painful though.

On saturday, I went and saw Enter Shikari who I loved and Florence and the machine, who was off her face but spectacular. She made the whole crowd hug each other at one point!

Sunday was also a pretty good day, went and saw Foo fighters, Two Door Cinema Club and the Kaiser Chiefs. The Kaiser Chiefs were really good as they got the whole audience involved, and the acoustic cover of 'What you know' By Two Door Cinema club was spectacular.

Overall, I loved my weekend. I made some new friends, saw shit loads of bands play and hardly got any sleep!



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