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Saturday, 28 July 2012

iPhone 5 rumours

Hello everyone, thought I would get on the iPhone 5 hype.
iPhone 5
So, according to Techradar, the new iPhone is supposed to be released in October time. This has been backed up by companies such as Cupertino firm decreasing the amount of iPhones they're going to order in by about 20%-25%. This could mean other things though, Such as increasing the amount of different phones they're going to buy.
Next, the phone is appearance of the phone is rumoured to change drastically. Images have been leaked by websites such as which show that the phone is going to be fairly bigger than the iPhone 4 and 4S. 
The iPhone is meant to have 1GB of RAM. This is as powerful as a fair few computers (well, older ones) and it means that the phone will be quick and efficient.

Well, I hope I've helped to give people some insights on to how the iPhone 5 will look, please remember to follow my blog!


PS - I give credit to both of those sources, but I wrote everything in my own words.


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